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April 29-30, 2014
Sandra Bates (Steering Committee Member) creates panels on Aging in Place and Water is the New Oil at The Edison Awards. She will also be presenting the Edison Green Award.

March 2014
Partnership with Design Echos (Sao Paulo, Brazil) is launched with new programs coming in Fall 2014.

February 2014
Delivered keynote address "Reap Abundance With Sustainable Impact" at Franchise for Humanity, Stanford University

January 2014
Workshop on Social Innovation, Universidad de Murcia, CEEIM (Murcia, Spain)



Who we are

The Innovation Partners is a network made up of passionate and experienced consultants focused on helping organizations create sustainable impact and accelerated new growth.

By implementing our unique, proven methodology, organizations will generate a portfolio of products, services and programs that meet the clearly articulated needs of all stakeholders, resulting in rapid innovation and an improved success rate.

Why us?

Over the last two decades the corporate world has seen unprecedented improvements in the process of innovation, making it more and more of a science than a random art. Our passion is to accelerate innovation while making it less risky and then applying it to areas that have a higher purpose - the wicked problems that have plagued our world for generations.

We provide innovative thought leadership programs, tools and services for organizations who want to drive organic and sustainable growth. Our proven methodologies focus on identifying the important and unmet needs of your customers and then applying state of the art design thinking techniques to develop creative solutions. The result: dynamic, clever solutions that have real market need.

We're in fact a start-up with 100 years of experience in innovation methodologies and practices that have been proven successful in dozens of industries worldwide. Our team brings this experience to support the experts within your enterprise to create significant impact.

What we do

• Helping Clients World-Wide

Create Sustainable Growth Strategies

• Create Radical Collaboration Opportunities

Develop Innovative Business Models

• Diffuse Ideas & Infuse Passion

How does this help you?

This approach helps you to avoid costly mistakes, avoid R&D in areas where there is no real market need, and dramatically reduce the time to market. This approach takes a significant amount of the risk out of the innovation equation.

Who we are Why us? What we do How does this help you?